Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best Proposal Ever

Several weeks ago, my daughter's boyfriend, Kevin, came to visit me and my husband to ask for Mattie's hand in marriage.  It was such a blessing to hear him talk about about the qualities that he admired in her.  He also shared how they both brought out the best in each other.  I am thankful that she found someone who will be her best friend in life.

Kevin took her to the coast for a get away trip.  She had no idea what was about to happen.  He told her they would be going horseback riding, since Mattie loves to ride horses.  What she didn't know was that he had called the stalls weeks before and told them what his intentions were.

When they got there, the guide let Mattie pick out her horse.  She picked a horse named Cupid.  Kevin was laughing about it and Mattie didn't get it.

Half way thru their ride along the beach, their guide stopped so he could take pictures of them and another couple.  He took a really great picture of them.

In order to get Kevin off his horse, the guide said Kevin's saddle looked loose.  He was trying to fix it and Mattie offered to hold the camera he was holding, while she was still on the horse.  The guide didn't know what to say, since he needed the camera for the proposal, so he just ignored her.  Since Mattie wasn't getting off her horse, the guide told her it looked like her saddle needed to be adjusted too.  She still had no clue!  She was standing on the side of the horse when the guide told her she should go stand by Kevin, so the horse wouldn't kick her. Still, no clue...

She started walking off and Kevin had to stop her.  He started talking to him and she thought he was kidding.  Two weeks before they had gone horseback riding and Mattie had told Kevin that it would have been a great proposal time.  He already had it planned!!  So, when he started talking, she thought he was just kidding and told him not to do it in front of everyone.  Then, he got down on one knee and showed her the ring.  She told him to shut up!!!  Hahahahaha.  When she finally got over the shock, she told him yes.  And of course, she cried!


And she cried on the way back to the stalls, and she cried when they got to the hotel, and she cried some more after that!  Mattie said it was the best proposal ever and she never expected a thing!

Way to go, Kevin!! 

I'm glad it's over.  It was so hard knowing and not being able to say anything!!!

I am so happy for them.  I know they will be an amazing couple!  Now, I already have one wedding in February, so praying I have a little time to breathe before the next one!