Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Robert's Accident

My husband was burned on both of his arms from a kitchen fire 3 years ago, July, 2010.  He was out of work for 5 months.  I took off of work for 3 months, to take care of him.  It was a trying time for us both, but we made it.  When he first came home from the hospital, it would take us 4 hours to get him bathed and wrapped up.  We had to have a chair in the bathtub, since he couldn't stand up that easily.  He lived in our room for 4 months, before he was able to go downstairs.  He was able to join us for Thanksgiving.   I am so thankful it wasn't worse than it was and that he is ok today.  He has complete movement in his arms, hands, and fingers.  Here's just a couple pictures of  him bandaged up.

Things like this will make you really appreciate what you have.  I was fearful to drive for awhile and much more careful about things.  That part is behind us and I am just thankful to have him with me.