Monday, May 5, 2014

Bar Stool Makeover

I purchased two bar stools from Goodwill for $13.00 for both.  They were sturdy, but didn't match our living room, so I fixed that problem.

First, we took the cushions off the bar stools. (I say we, but what I really meant was
my husband removed the cushions.  "We" was only used because I was there to supervise).

I laid the cushion upside down over the fabric I wanted to use for the stools.   
I traced a circle, about 6", away from the cushion.

 Then, I cut the fabric.

I rounded it off and cut it down a little.

Here you can see the circle.

I folded one of the edges over and stapled it down.  Then, across from that, I pulled the fabric 
tight and then stapled that side down too.  I then stapled the other two sides.

After that, I started pulling the fabric up, closes to one of the staples.  I went around the 
whole seat like this, stapling as I went.  I put several rows of staples, so the staples 
wouldn't be pulling on the fabric.

Be sure and mark where the screws go in.  We didn't, so it took awhile to find them 
and screw the seat back on.

Here's how the cushion turned out.

I painted the bar stools red, with spray paint. 
And here's how they look now.