Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tutorial for Making Food Trays

I made several trays for my daughter's Bridal Shower.  Making your own serving trays is easy and very inexpensive.  I saw a two layered tray in a store for $25.00 and I made mine for around $10.00 each.

This tray was made with two china plates, a glass serving plate on the bottom, a glass bowl on top, and
two candlesticks, that I bought from thrift stores.. I spray painted the candlesticks with a glitter paint.  To stick them all together, I used a glue called Goop.  You simply apply it to both dishes, where you want to attach them, and then wait 3 minutes before putting them together.  It holds very well. I love this tray and
it cost me less than $10.00.

 Here's the fruit tray with fruit and dip.  They were all so much prettier once the food was added. This one makes me really hungry.  The dip is awesome.  You can check out the recipe here


Here's another stand I made.  This was for the cupcakes.  Again, I used a glass serving plate 
at the bottom, a regular plate in the middle, and a white glass bowl on top.  I used wooden 
candlesticks and painted them white.  This one cost me about  $8.00.

  Here's the cupcake stand with the cupcakes.  See how much prettier it looks?
 Here's one I made for the pancake stacks.  I paid about $6.00 for this one.  It was just a glass 
serving bowl on the bottom, a large candlestick, and a small glass serving plate on top.

The pancake stacks came out so cute! See how easy they are to make over here

 Something else I did, was to put candlesticks on some of the bowls, in different heights.  
I think it looks so much prettier than just all of them being the same.

 I love the way all of these trays came out and they were so easy to make.  I think they are prettier than the $25.00 little ones I saw in the store.  You can get so creative making these.  I bought all the dishes and candlesticks at thrift stores.  I bought the little cupcake in this last picture at a thrift store too and painted it to match the colors of the bridal shower.  You never know what you will find, that can become a treasure.

So, go ahead, and give it a try!