Friday, June 27, 2014

Remake for a Kitchen Hutch

We have been living in a rental home for the last several months.  The kitchen is short on cabinet space.  Here is our solution.
I found this beaten up dresser when the city was doing bulk pick up in our area.  The top was missing and so was one of
the drawers.  A couple of the drawers were messed up.  It was in really bad shape.

I also found this piece on a curb. 

We had a table we had picked up and used the top of it for the dresser.  My hubby 
cut it in half.  He also made shelves for inside for the top two dresser drawers.

Here, we had to glue the slider for the drawer back in place.

Our main color in the kitchen is red.  I wanted to paint it red and make it look old. First, I had to
lightly sand down all the pieces.  Next, I spray painted all the pieces with black  spray paint. Once
it was dry, I spray painted them with red.  I used Rustoleum Ultra  Cover 2X, Colonial  Red, Satin.


To paint the drawers, I used double sided tape and covered the inside of the drawers with
newspaper. I sprayed them with black spray paint first, and then the red.

Once all the pieces were dry, I started sanding it.  I sanded some areas so that the black was showing.  I used a
smooth sandpaper when doing this; otherwise, it looks scratched up.  It takes a little longer, but is worth it.

I cleaned the handles with soap and water to remove dust and dirt.   After they were completely
dry (this is important or you will end up with bubbles), I placed them on newspaper and primed them.  
Once the primer was dry, I spray painted them black.

I searched everywhere for the right size baskets and finally found them at HEB for $1.39 each.  I spray
painted them black and they are perfect.   I also love how the drawers came out. 

And here's how it looks.  I'm really pleased with it.