Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Bedroom in Our Last Home

 These are pics from our last home.  I had already painted the dressers before we moved here. 

 I found this sewing machine desk and mirror at Goodwill.  I paid $35.00 for both.  I sanded them and spray painted them yellow.  I also found the lamp at Goodwill for $10.00.  The chair was free.  I spray painted it green, but never got around to reupholstering it.  I made the necklace holder and will do a tutorial on that soon.

I hadn't gotten around to painting the nightstands before we moved.  I love the blue..  I used Valspar Primer, since they aren't real wood.

I lightly sanded them first, wiped them down, and then primed them.

I removed the handles and then spray painted them.  We had to wait several days before putting anything on top of them.  I made the mistake of that once and it will leave an indention on top of furniture.

 I found a metal bench at a garage sale for $10.00.  I spray painted it the same color as one of the dressers and the nightstand.  We already had the foam and fabric.  If we hadn't, I would have waited till it was on sale for 50 percent off, or used a coupon.  I would never buy this at full price, unless I was really desperate.  I used an adhesive spray and placed the large thicker piece of  foam on the wood first.  We had two pieces of foam that were thinner.  I used them on top of the thicker one and had enough of it to wrap around to the bottom.  Then, we placed the fabric under it.  We allowed at least 6 inches extra of  fabric around the frame.

 Using an electric stapler is the way to go!  We folded the fabric over the board tightly and stapled it down.

 And here it is.  It's also very comfortable.

I think it looks great in the room. 

 Did you notice the file cabinet?  I spray painted it yellow to match the room too.  First, I used a spray paint primer and then painted it.  This was very simple to do.

 I just love all the colors together.  Our room feels so homey.