Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pantry Remake on a Budget

On an earlier post,, I shared with you a bunch of things I had found on people's curbs. It was during bulk pick up. We had just moved into a house we are renting. 6 months prior, we had sold almost everything and moved in with my daughter. So, we are starting over again, on a very tight budget. We have a big pantry area, but no shelves or anywhere to put food. I found a couple of bookshelves, but they weren't very pretty.  I decided I would make them work.

On this one, we had to add a piece of wood to the back of it.  Of course, I found that on someone's curb as well.

I spray painted them all black.  I love the Rustoleum paint.  I had to buy 2 cans to paint all the shelves.

Just painting them made them look a lot better.

Next, I took contact paper and added them to the shelves.

Here's my pantry now.  I have shelves for my food and I think it looks so much better.  It cost me around $10.00 to have shelves and fix them up.