Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Coffee Table Makeover

Several months ago, I went around picking up furniture that had been left on the curb
during bulk pickup.  Here's a picture of the truck, full of my treasures. 

In the middle of this picture is the coffee table I found.

This is what the table looked like.  I had to completely sand the entire table.
 (Not one of my favorite things to do, but I was thankful to have an electric sander.)

Next, I wiped it completely down and then spray painted it black.  I put several
coats of black paint on the top.

I decided it needed a little more pizzazz, so I to painted the bottom half red, since our  main colors are red and black.  I used painters tape around the top edge to cover the black top and spray painted the bottom with red spray paint.  Again, I did several coats. I waited a few days, to make sure the paint as completely dry before putting it back in the living room. 

 I waited several days before putting anything on the top of it. I made the mistake of doing
that once  too early and it left indentions.  So, now I'm extra careful  about it.

And here it is.  I love the two toned look.  What do you think?