Sunday, December 29, 2013

Setting Up House

Six months ago, we had to move in with one of our daughters, Cassie, because of some unfortunate events.  We sold almost everything we had.  We just moved into a rental home and had hardly anything to put in it.   It just happened to be at the same time the city was having bulk pick up in our area.  Here are some of the things I was able to pick up on the side of the street.

We found this end table.  It needs to be sanded and painted.

We found this awesome chair that is in perfect condition!

 And yes, we found the matching ottoman!

The couch looks new, except for a small hole in the back.  The plan is to cover it.  It has a bed too.  (It looks just like the first couch my husband and I bought, 30 years ago!).  I also found the pillows, which are the colors we are wanting to put in here, so I may keep them.

This piece is perfect for my sewing room!

The dresser is definitely messed up, but with a little loving care, I think it can look great.  This will definitely be one of our first projects!

The chair needs a new cover on it, which I can do.  My grandson, Cooper, loves to sit in this.

We found this beautiful table on the side of the road.  My dearest friend, Judy, and her husband gave us the chairs.  We are planning on painting the table.

The table was a little wobbly, so hubby put screws in it to make it sturdy.

I found this rug and 2 other ones.  I may sell them all and get the one I really want for this room.

So, these are just the items we picked up for the livingroom and sewing room.  Now see how nice these rooms have turned out.  Remember, we would have had nothing for these rooms, except for a few things in the sewing room.

 And the Christmas tree was given to us by my friend, Judy and her husband, too. 

Here's the hubby watching t.v. You can see my beautiful sewing room.

This is the best sewing room I have ever had!  

I love my board and pics, which I made. Maybe I should do a tutorial on those.  I also covered cardboard boxes with contact paper and keep my scraps in them, on top of the shelves.

Windows really need curtains, but it will have to wait a little while. I already have the fabric for them.

Here is my view from my sewing desk.  Once the tree is gone, the t.v. will be moved to the left more.  I have to have a t.v. when I'm sewing.  I can't stand it quiet!  I am also really glad to have it in the diningroom area, where I am not shut away in a room by myself.

So, these are two rooms we have finished.  Working on office, kitchen, utility room, bedroom, and bathroom.  I will be so glad to have them all done!