Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creating the Perfect Bridal Shower

My daughter, Cassie is getting married on February 28, and her bridesmaids and I  gave her a bridal shower.  I really wanted to make it the best shower ever for her.

Cassie wanted to have an elegant brunch, with pink and gold colors.  So, the first thing the Bridal Party and I did was to figure out what types of food we wanted to have. My niece, Leslie, who is the Maid of Honor, started a group on Facebook, so we could put this all together.

For the menu, we chose:
Pancake Skewers;
Doughnut holes
Fruit Tray with yummy dip;
Bagels and Muffins
Orange Juice
Strawberry Margaritas

Next, we had to figure out what condiments we would need, such as jelly, cream cheese, syrup, sugar, cream, whip cream, etc.

To make it easier on everyone, we divided up the food menu between us.  I took the menu and decided what bowls, trays, etc. that we would need.

I went to thrift stores to see what I could get.  Here are a few of the things I found.  I know, they don't look all that attractive right now, but I knew they were the right pieces we would need..


Once I had everything, I started putting it all together.

Here are the trays I made.  You can see the tutorial of them here.

This first tray was made for the Fruit and the yummy Fruit Dip.  The second one was made for the cupcakes.


And now, it's the day of the shower!  I was really nervous about pulling this all together.  I wanted it to be so perfect for her.

We started by adding a few decorations.  I  used the left over fabric I had and made this
little banner for the room.

Here's my "From Miss to Mrs." banner.  I have a tutorial of it here.

I found all the prize gifts at thrift stores or dollar stores. Nothing was over $3.00.

 Here's when we first started putting it together.  I found the tablecloth at Party City for a 
reasonible price.  Because of the large table we had, I bought two of them and we added 
another one to the other sides

Here's another basket I made.  You can go here to see the baskets I decorated..  I bought all the
cups at a thrift store too.

  Here's the beautiful bridesmaids getting it all together.

Once we started adding the food, it started to come alive.  

All the bowls and plates came from thrift stores.  I added candlesticks to some of the bowls, to give more dimension.

All these dishes were bought at thrift stores.. 


Fruit Tray with Dip and Fresh Waffles and Doughnuts


Do you remember the ugly cup I got at the thrift store.  I paid $2.00 for this. Just spraying it with gold paint did wonders for it.

Drink station was a success.

Food was a success.


After everyone served themselves to food and drinks, we played a few games.  The day before, 
Leslie asked Cassie's fiance some questions about him.  Then, we asked Cassie the same ones 
to see just how much she really knew him.

We thought it was only fair to then see how well everyone knew Cassie.  This was a lot of fun.

Last game we played was to give Cassie advise.  There were some really great answers.
Some really funny ones too.

The little box on the table is the white box I bought.  I just changed the fabric on it.   When guest arrived, we had them fill out an index card with an idea for a cheap, but fun date.  Now it is Cassie's keepsake box.for the shower and wedding.

Cassie got lots of great gifts.  


I think the shower was a great success and everyone had a lot of fun.