Saturday, February 8, 2014

Preparing for My Daughter's Wedding

So, my daughter, Cassie, is getting married in 20 days.  I have been so busy planning this wedding.  So many days I am out shopping for supplies and Cassie is out doing the same thing.  I have spent nights working on things.  Here is a little sneak peak on what we are doing.

The candy table has been a challenge.  We had to decide what types of candy she wanted and find the ones we could to match her colors.  We had to figure out what bowls we wanted and how much of each candy would fit in them.  I plan on making a chart to make this a little easier for other people, after the wedding.
I bought all the bowls at thrift stores.  I paid only $5.00 each for both of these bowls.  I found two other beautiful bows that I paid $4.00 each for and I saw them at Hobby Lobby for $40. 

 These letters will be used on the candy table as well.  I have been spray painting for weeks now.  
So much of the stuff for the reception is going to be sprayed with silver glitter paint.  

 Here's all the candy packed up.  It's in 2 bins.  We took pictures of how we wanted the bowls and 
candy on the table and placed them in here, so we know how we want it quickly on the big day.  
Of course, I bought two more big bowls since then, so there may be a little adjusting.

 Here's all the photo booth stuff.  Yes, those are glue sticks that I have painted.

 I have packed all the photo stuff in this box and it's ready to go.

 Here's the frames I have painted.  Can't wait to show you what we are using them for.

And here's some more of the stuff I'm working on.

Well, I need to get back to work.  I have much more do to.  I am looking so forward to this day and just praying we have everything figured out.

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