Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My First Wall Hanging Picture

Friday, after work, I decided to go shopping and look for a picture to put on my mantle.  I was out shopping for over 3 hours, went to at least 7 stores, and found nothing!  They were either the wrong color or the wrong size.  It was very discouraging.  Finally, I ended up at Hobby Lobby and decided I would make my own picture.  I found the  blank canvases on sale for 2/$7.00.  The paper was 50% off, so I spent $5.00 on paper and then bought the word decals.  I used a 40% off coupon and bought Mod Podge.  I would say my picture ended up costing around $14.00.

I started out my ripping the paper.  I used the Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the canvas and then went over the top of the paper with the Mod Podge.




Once it was done, I went over it a few more times with the Mod Podge.


After it was dry, I added the decals to it.  Then, I added another coat of the Mod Podge.



When we put it on the mantle, we decided it was too small.  I had an old frame I had bought at a thrift store.  The canvas just fit perfectly inside it.

 I lightly sanded the frame and the spray painted it black.

When the frame was dry, I placed the picture on top of the back of the frame and used a glue gun to glue it in place, mainly around the four corners.

We hung it on the wall with Scotch Adhesive Tape and here it is.