Thursday, March 13, 2014

Preparing for the Wedding and Reception - Part 3

There was so much planning to Cassie's wedding, that it became mind boggling at times.  Keeping lists was the best way to deal with it.  The notebook helped tremendously.

While still trying to get it all done, I had two important list.  One for things I needed to buy.  Another one was for things we needed to make.  As things started to get done, it was great to see them removed from the lists.

One thing that helped me was having a craft day.  The bride, bridesmaids and mother of the groom came over to the house to help.  I had projects that they were able to complete. 

We had boxes for the candy and we needed charms that said "Thank you" put on them.

The kids' pails needed to be done.  The coloring books had to be put together.  
Once they were in order, holes were punched in them and ribbon added.  The candy, 
crayons and goodies had to be placed in each pail

Cassie worked on gluing the flowers to the wreaths for the centerpieces.

Once we had everything done, it was time to pack.  Of course, some of the packing was done as we went.  I marked each box with what was in them. There was a lot of stuff!

The candy table took 3 boxes, not including the vases.

You can see that I packed the pictures of how the table was to look.  I can't even tell you how glad I was to have that!!!

This was the stuff for the photo booth.

 I made a craft box with everything I thought we may need.  This came in handy.

 This box had everything that went outside.

Once it was all packed, I had a list of where everything was. For the things that could not fit in boxes, I placed double asterisks by them.  The single asterisk were for the blue bin.

CEREMONY:  (Lights and cords in separate box)                                         *blue bin
Lights for trees                                                                                      **not in a box
**Girls Sign
**Tree Sign
3 extension cords

 GIFT TABLE:   6 Foot Table
Small silver pail with branches
Card Box  (Brown box)
*Kids Sign – Take a pail
Pails with Coloring Books, crayons, candy, etc. (in separate box)
PHOTO BOOTH:  8 Foot Table      - All in one box, except for the vase and sign
**Vase with branches
Glue Sticks
Sparklers Sign
Cake - Creation Cakes
20” cake stand
*Cake Cutter
CANDY TABLE:  8 Foot Table  (In 3 Boxes)
Thank you Sign
Letters  - Need to be glued on
Bags with Charms
**Vases with Branches
**Grooms Cake
Cake Stand
Cake Cutter

 13 TABLES –
Flutes for Kids
Cookies  (Brunemann)
**Centerpieces with Vases
**Large Mirrors  (in a box by themselves)
**4 Trees
Champagne glasses for toasting  (brown box)
*Bride and Groom toasting glasses
*Chair Signs – “Still Into Him”  “Still Into Her”
Centerpiece – 2 different ones
Tip Jar
Coke and Sprite
Cups for Beer
Cups for Liquor
Menu Sign

Departure –
Purple Pail

(This would be a good place to have their numbers, in case you need to get hold of anyone)
DJ – Jose
Flowers and tablecloths – Ashley
Cake – Creations Cake
Caterer –  We Got It Covered
Photo Booth
Photographer - Dunks Photography
Hair - Johnny
Makeup – Stefanie
Groom’s Cake - Stephanie

Here is some of the stuff being packed up.  We had the four trees loaded in a truck.  We were able to drop off what we packed the night before during the wedding at the rehearsal. 

It was a good thing we were able to take things up there the night before.  We had to load our car up again the day of the wedding.  We just barely got everything!  The first night, we had 4 cars and a truck loaded. So, this is definitely something to keep in mind.  

That is it for Part 3.  I hope these sessions help someone.  There is so much to be done for a wedding.  

And if it is helping you, please leave a comment.
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