Monday, March 10, 2014

Preparing for a Wedding - Part 2

In my last post I listed steps for preparing for your wedding and reception.  Here they are again, but briefly.  If you want to see more details, go to this page.

Step 1 - Decide on the size of the wedding.   How many people will be in the bridal party and how many guest you will be inviting.

Step 2 - Choose a place for the wedding and venue.

Step 3 - Find your dress.

Step 4 - Choose your colors for the wedding. 

Step 5 - Pick out bridesmaids dresses.

Step 6 - Caterer

Step 7 - List of who else you need to hire.

Step 8 - Planning of wedding and reception.

Something that helped a lot, was that we opened up a Facebook group for me, Cassie and the bridesmaids.  This helped us to all communicate with each other so much easier.

We also had one for the bridal shower, which Cassie was not included on.  You can see the bridal shower  Over Here.

In my last post I talked about the tables.  Next, would be the wedding ceremony.   We made a floor plan of where the ceremony would be.  (We also made a floor plan of the reception). We talked about how the groomsmen would come in and the groom.  Cory, the groom, would walk down the isle with his mother, seat her, and then join his groomsmen.  Cassie wanted to include her two daughters in the ceremony.  She had them coming in right before her, carrying a sign.  We also placed the bridesmaids in order.

We needed a table for the gifts and decided who would be in charge of this table.  We added the gift box and a centerpiece to this table.

Later, we added more details to this as well.  We made a sign, "Happily Ever After Begins Here" and wanted to hang it in the tree, as you first came thru the gate.
Some of the trees had lights, but we wanted more, so we added more stringed lights, along with extension cords.

We had seen several ideas on pinterest for some of the things she wanted, mainly the signs, and we added pictures of those to our notebooks.  We ended up with different signs, but this gave us the idea for later.

As time went on, we had more of an idea of how we wanted everything.  Here is a list of what we would need for the ceremony and the reception.  Some things changed on this list, but it kept us focused on what needed to be done.

Lights for trees                                                                                
Girls Sign
Tree Sign
3 extension cords
Girls' Dresses and Hairbands
Letter from Cory to Girls
Girls' Bracelets
GIFT TABLE:   8 Foot Table
Small silver pail with branches
Card Box   
Kids Sign – Take a pail
Pails with Coloring Books, crayons, candy, etc.

PHOTO BOOTH:  8 Foot Table  
Vase with branches
Glue Sticks
Sparklers Sign

Cake - Creation Cakes
20” cake stand
Cake Cutter
Cake Topper

CANDY TABLE:  8 Foot Table  (In 3 Boxes)
Thank you Sign
Bags with Charms
Vases with Branches
Grooms Cake
Cake Stand
Cake Cutter
Centerpieces with Vases
Large Mirrors 

Bride and Groom toasting glasses
Chair Signs – “Still Into Him”  “Still Into Her”
Centerpiece – 2 different ones
4 Trees
Champagne glasses for toasting

Purple Pail
(I had the Maid of Honor and one of my other daughters be in charge of their car) 

We also had an open bar.  We had to pay for a bartender and we had the venue provide the ice and bartender.  From what I read on the internet, you should plan on one drink per hour for each guest.  Some of your guest will drink more and some will drink less.  We made a list of drinks and what we would need for the bar area.

Tip Jar
Coke and Sprite
Cups for Beer
Cups for Liquor
Menu Sign and Stand

Check out the bar menu HERE and see how much we bought.
Cassie worked on half of this, while I worked on the other.  She also got the garter,  jewelry for the bridal party, dresses for her two little girls, and hair stuff.   Cory picked out the suits for the guys.  They had to decide on what shoes everyone would wear.  It seemed like the last few weeks, we were both out shopping all the time.

Cassie later changed the position of the Bride and Groom table and put the cake in front of their table.  I think that was a good move.  It looked really pretty.

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