Monday, March 17, 2014

Wedding Day

The wedding ceremony was great!  Cory escorted his mom to her seat and then joined the rest of the guys up front.  The Maid of Honor and bridesmaids were beautiful.  Cassie's girls came down the isle before her.  They carried a sign that said, "Cory, Here Comes Our Girl".  They were adorable.  My husband, Robert, walked her down the isle.  She was so beautiful.  There was a problem with a cord, which made the music a little funky, but that was ok.   They did the sand ceremony.  Before that, they had Cassie's two girls come up and Cory said something to both girls.  I heard several people cried during this part.

Cory with his dad and brothers.


Love the sneakers!

Dinner was served to the guest, before the newlyweds and the party came in.  We had salad and chicken that was awesome.  

To get things going, Cassie and Cory played the shoe game.  This was great.  You can look 
on pinterest for ideas of questions to ask.  It was a lot of fun.

The photo booth was a lot of fun.  Cassie's girls spent their night in that booth!



Great picture of Cassie and her dad, Robert.

 The groomsmen were the big dancers that night.

Cory gave both girls bracelets.  He's great with the girls!


This was during the toast.  I love how they had the cake table in front of theirs. The crushed 
tablecloths were so pretty too.

The beautiful cake


My beautiful daughter, Cassie


Candy Table


The sparklers were great.  They were long and lasted 3 1/2 minutes.  I love this picture!



 And here's the beautiful and handsome couple!

Well, the wedding is over.  It was really beautiful though and I am truly happy for them.