Friday, March 7, 2014

The Bachelorette Party

Cassie's bachelorette party, started off at Stone Werks in our little black dresses.  This was great because I got to go with them.

This is Cassie.  She looks so beautiful with her purple hair.  Love the kitty hose!

 Here are the bridesmaid and her second mom, my best friend.

 As the girls were walking in the front door of the restaurant, a little boy was just starring at them. 
 His mother turned him around.  How cute!

And this is me.  I had a blast having an excuse to get dressed up.

Me, my oldest daughter, Shayla, and Judy

 Megan, Cassie and my other daughter, Mattie

 My niece, Leslie, and my friend, Judy

Here's her cake.

After dinner, the girls went out for awhile and then headed back to the house for a sleepover.

 Guess you are never too old for footsie pajamas (even when you are getting ready to get married).