Friday, March 14, 2014

Preparing for a Wedding and Reception - Part 4

It was hard to believe this day had finally arrived, after months and months of planning.  My last month, along with Cassie, was consumed with this wedding and now, it was finally here.

Here is the beautiful bride, Cassie, starting her day off right.

I can guarantee you that the rest of your day will not go right.  We had a schedule, which could have just been thrown out the window.  The bride's party had spent the night near the venue and we were all to meet up there around 10:00 that morning.  We were all about an hour late.  Good thing was that we were still in town, so we had to run by Cassie's house to get her daughters' dresses that she had forgotten.  I also had to print out what Cory was going to say to Cassie's daughters during the ceremony.  Best part of that was we were out of ink and my dear husband had to run to the store to get it first.  But, eventually, we all did get there.

The linens were there and the tables were set the way they were first going to be when we got there.  So, we had to fix them.  Cassie had not received the shoes she had special ordered for her and Cory.  UPS was suppose to be delivering them to her house that day, which would have been too late.  We were fortunate enough that they were willing to meet her somewhere back in town to get them.  The bad part was that she was the one who had to go, since she needed to sign for them.  It was 40 minutes away from the venue, so she and one of the bridesmaids, Megan, were missing in action.  To top it off, she got a speeding ticket.  You would think the police officer would have been a little more considerate over the fact it was her wedding day, but he did not care!  So, things were definitely not going according to schedule!  Not having her there to make sure it was all set up right, was a challenge.  By the time she got back, she didn't have time to care, which is definitely not like her.

To get things together for the reception, I made a list.  I was hoping to make things easier for everyone.  Our dear Maid of Honor, my niece Leslie, was so nervous she couldn't read.  She is used to taking pictures as the photographer at weddings, but not actually putting one together.  This was a side of her I had not seen.  My other daughter, Mattie, and I had to kindly ask her to go to the other side of the room, or we were going to be as nervous as her.  Funny thing is, you would have expected Mattie and I to be the ones nervous.  So, you just never know.  So, here is the list I made:


Gift Table - We need a table set up outside by the gate. 
The card box and the centerpiece in the small silver can go on this table.

Lights need to be wrapped around trees.  We have 3 extension cords too.
Sign, “Happily Ever After Begins Here” needs to be hung in a tree  Need to put ribbon on it.  
Girls Sign – “Here Comes Our Girl” needs to be placed somewhere, where Cory won’t see it. 

Inside –
Gift Table –
Kids pails, Branches with small silver pail, Kids sign, Card Box
?Flutes and Cookies?

By front door:
Kids pails need to be set on floor here.  They will be put on the gift table, when it is moved back inside.
Kids signs – “Kids under age 10” needs to be over here.  It will be placed on the gift table too, when it is brought back inside.
Purple pail with sand will go next to door.  Sand goes in this bucket.  The sparklers need to be opened and placed in the sand (not buried, but the part you hold in the sand)
Lighters can be put over here for now too.  They can go under the table, when it’s brought in, so we will have them nearby.  They need to be taken out of  packages.

CANDY TABLE   - Becky and Cassie will do this table.

There are two smaller centerpieces that will go on each side.  (Becky will finish these)
Also, their champagne glasses go in the center front.
Chairs – Signs “Still Into Him”, “Still Into Her”, need to be hung on chairs (Ask Cassie how she wants them)

Mirrors go in center of table with wreath on top. 
Vases with branches go in the middle.
Bride and Groom mints go around each table.
There will be 5 tables reserved – There are 10 reserved signs (place two on 5 tables we want to reserve)
One is for the Brunnemanns and one for the Kalsons
3 are for the wedding party and dates

There is a vase with branches designated for this table.Vase goes in the middle in the back.
There is a box that has everything else in it.
Book goes in front of it.
Paper, Scissors, glue, etc. should be divided up and placed on each side of book.
Props will be placed on the table close to booth
Place champagne glasses in place for caterers

Just need to place the 20” cake stand on table for the cake people.
Also, the cake knife set.

All liquor and mixes need to be placed behind the bar.
Beer goes in fridge
Wine goes in wine cooler
Also, Sprite and Coke
There are cups for beer and other cups for everything else.
Menu Sign needs to go on bar
Tip Jar 

So, here we are getting everything done.  

Cassie and Leslie made us all shirts.

Here is Cassie getting her hair done.  We had two other girls doing everyone else's hair and makeup.

 Here are the bags I made for the bridal party.  I finished them while we were getting ready!  
I did try and do them ahead of time, but like I said before, I was busy 24/7 the last month.

 I gave Cassie a charm bracelet, which she had been wanting for a long time, along with a charm.  
The charm represents mother and child.  This could have been a very emotional moment for 
me, but we were hurrying to get her in her dress and I wasn't dressed at all!

While we were getting ready upstairs, the cake was delivered.  I didn't see it until we 
were going downstairs, to start the wedding.  I don't even know who took care of this!  
The cake was beautiful though!

Did you notice the kitties on the top of the cake?  They are both cat lovers.  The white one 
had a purple heart on her butt.  They were so cute!

We had 8 hours to set up and get ready.  You would think that would be enough time.  We were about 15 minutes late starting the wedding.  I was last to get my hair done.  I had planned on wearing it up more, but there was not time.  So I paid for a hairdo I could have done myself.  But, I was actually very greatful to have someone else do it, since I was so nervous.  Who knows what it would have looked like had I done it!

Last of the list was a Bridesmaids duty list for the reception, which we didn't use.  I would definitely recommend using it.  We had a few difficulties with tables and if we had assigned the bridesmaid to them, it would have never been a problem.

Check on Gift Table - Make sure gifts have been removed, once inside.  Place kids' pails and sign on table.  Also, need sign for sparklers.  Keep card box on table.

Check on Photo Table - Make sure guest know to make a page for the sign in book.  Keep props organized.  (Even though we had a sign on the table, I don't think people saw it.  A person explaining this would have been better).

Check on Candy Table - Check to see that table is still neat.

Clean Up - Everyone

Bridesmaids don't have to stay there the whole time.  The first 20 minutes of each table would have helped.  Then, just once during each hour would be good.  You may also need a bridesmaid to help start off cutting the cake, if the caterers don't do it for you.

It is important for everyone to communicate.  First, all of this should have been discussed before the wedding, so everyone would be on the same page.  I think we were all assuming different things.  We didn't have a wedding planner, so it was left up to the DJ, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, and me.  Having the duties divided up would have helped.  Also, it is important for the bride to let someone know if she has concerns during the reception, so it can be corrected for her. 

The DJ should help keep the party on track.Watching the time is important too.  The time flew by so fast for all of us.  I don't think we realized how fast it was going for awhile.  We should of had our intinerary list in front of us and a watch (phone).  My phone was being borrowed half the night, so keeping up with the time was difficult.

So, after days and days and months and months of planning.  The wedding has come and gone. Overall, it was a beautiful wedding and reception.  The guest seemed to be having a good time and I don't think any of our "mistakes" were even noticed.  

Next time, I'll be sharing pictures of the reception with you.  For anyone planning on getting married, I hope yours goes off as well as ours.  I think there will always be glitches, but as long as the bride is happy, it will be perfect! 

If you want to see how the big day went, come and check us out over here.