Sunday, March 16, 2014

Signs for the Wedding

For my daughter, Cassie's wedding, we had to make quit a few signs. 

Since we were doing sparklers, we needed a sign to put on the gift table letting the guest 
know what time to expect this, so they would stay around.  I got the frame for $2.00 at a 
thrift store.  I spray painted the frame with metallic silver paint.  Then, I sprayed painted it 
with silver glitter.  The stand was painted purple and then sprayed lightly with glitter paint.

Cassie ordered the sign off of Etsy.

We needed frames for the Bride and Groom chairs.  I bought them at Hobby Lobby 
on sale.  I spray painted them with the metallic paint and silver glitter paint.

Cassie order the signs from Etsy.  We hot glued ribbon on the back and then these 
were tied to their chairs.  Hopefully, I will have pictures of their chairs soon.

This frame also came from Hobby Lobby.  This was also spray painted.  This is the 
sign the girls carried down the isle, right before Cassie came out.

Cassie wanted a sign to hang in a tree.  We had a piece of plywood, so we just cut it down to 
the size we wanted.  I primed it first and then painted it silver metallic.  I wrote the words out 
in pencil first and then went over them with purple paint and a paintbrush.

We needed a sign for the kids pails, so we came up with this sign.  This frame was 
purchased from a thrift store.

This frame was also purchased from a thrift store and the sign from Etsy..  
This one was placed on the photo booth table. 

I made a chalkboard out of a large frame I found at Goodwill.  I painted the glass with chalk paint that I had 
tinted.  It took several coats.  I spray painted the frame also had a stand for this one.

To surprise the bride and groom, I took several frames, painted them silver or purple, and put their younger aged pictures in them.  Hopefully, we will have pictures from the photographer soon and I can add them.  We placed them on a grand piano, near the candy table.  It was really cute.