Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Remake of a Clock

After my daughter's wedding, I am ready to get my house in order.  We moved in in the middle of December, had Christmas, bulk pickup, and then full force into the wedding.  This weekend, I worked on the living room.

I went to a garage sale after work and found this clock  It looked new and was $10.00

At first, I was just going to hang it on the wall, but it didn't really match everything else.

So, here is what I cam up with and how I did it.

1)  I decided to paint it black.  First, I put paper over the center of the face of the clock and then used painters tape all the way around. You need to press around all the edges to make sure paint won't seep thru.  Once it was painted black, I let it dry for half a day or more.

2.  I painted the pendulum red. (Sorry, no picture)

3.  I took a piece of cardboard, traced the size of the bottom part of the clock and then cut it out. 

4.  I used the cardboard to cut out the paper next.  I bought this at Hobby Lobby for $1.00.  I cut the paper about an inch larger than the cardboard.  

5.  I cut out little dart all around the paper, especially along the area that curves.


 6.  I used a spray adhesive.  (Do this part outside).  I folded the top part over first and then started on the top sides.  I made it was on smooth and the paper was folded over tight.   I added a few more darts towards the bottom, to make it easier to smooth out the paper.

 7.   I used a glue gun to add glue along the edge.

8.  I placed the paper under the clock and pressed down till the glue is dry.


9.  When the pendulum was dry, I put it on the clock.

This clock cost me $12.00 and I am very happy with it.

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