Friday, March 28, 2014

Sewing Caddy

I made a holder to put on my sewing desk a couple of years ago.  I love having it there.  It's very handy for keeping things I use a lot or simply for when I don't feel like putting something back right away.  
It has since been in several moves and needed repair.  So, thought while I was fixing it, I would share it with you.

 I bought two tin pans at the Dollar Tree and a tin can from a thrift store.  I also bought two candle holders from a thrift store..  I painted the tins black and the candlesticks red.  I used ribbon for decoration.  This project cost me a little over $5.00.

 I used a glue gun and glued all the pieces together. Here is where I glued the candlestick to the bottom pan.

Here's gluing the next pan onto the candlestick.

 I added a decorative ribbon onto the bottom of the candlestick.


I added more ribbon around second pan and on the top.  


Here's another one I have on my desk.  I bought a pen console from Office Max.  It has been great for scissors, seam rippers, safety pins, oil, and more.  It turns around, so it's easy to get everything I need.