Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bathroom Linen Closet Door

We have been working on the bathroom for a couple of weeks now.  We had a really ugly medicine cabinet over the sink.  We took it down and decided to replace it with just a mirror.  Since we no longer had this space, we had to figure out a place to put the items that had been in it.  I didn't just want to place them in  the linen closet, because I figured all the little things would just get lost in there.  So, I went on a thrift store hunt (along with the rest of my hunting items) and found the two little boxes, the wire basket and the shower holder.  Altogether, I spent $5.00. 

My dear husband drilled holes into the linen closet and we hung the boxes and wire basket on them.  He had to cut off the top part of the shower caddy.  We decided not to use the wire basket (I didn't like the way it looked).

This was a simple and very inexpensive job.  You can get very creative with this.  I love these little shelves and it will certainly make things easier!!!