Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bathroom Makeover, Day 12

Looks like we are finally getting this bathroom done.  Feels like it has taken a long time.  Today the back splash was grouted.  It was the same procedure as when we did the floor.  Again, we used the premixed grout.  We used  a float to press the grout into the tiles.  Robert used the float to make sure the grout lines were filled in.  To do this, simply move the float across the tiles in a diagonal position. Continue using it across tiles to get most of the grout off.

 In three hours, use a big sponge to remove grout on tiles.  In an hour, you can repeat this step.  

We experimented with the back splash.  We put the grout on top of the tiles and will paint over it.  Will see how this works out.  I love the tiles and am excited how things are moving along.

We also painted the shelves that I bought at thrift stores black.  I bought both of them for $4.00. Can't wait to get them hung up.  I used a Satin black spray paint.  First, you have to sand them down slightly.  Then, use a wet towel to remove dirt.  I went over them a couple of times.  For the bathroom, you should use Satin or Gloss.  I already had the satin, so I used it.  Otherwise, I would have used a semi-gloss.

Only thing left to do now is make the doors for the cabinet, since we removed the smaller ones.  Then, comes the fun part of decorating.  Hopefully, this will all be done soon!

Oh, and we still have the shelf left that I brought home.  This will be another project!!