Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bathroom Makeover

This has got to be the most extreme makeover we will have done.  My daughter and her fiance' are living in his grandparents house.  It's about 40 years old and needs a lot of upgrading.  The bathroom was the worst.  Here is what we started with:

There is two different wallpapers.  One was put over the other.

Side of bathroom with bathtub and the lovely wallpaper.

Ceiling needs to be fixed.

There are two layers of linoleum on floor.  First layer is torn up.

More of the beautiful wallpaper.  Ha!

Linen closet is behind the door coming into the bathroom.  Paint is chipping off.

Doors are very short and make it difficult to get into the cabinet.

You guessed it, more wallpaper!

Look at the medicine cabinet.  The light fixture has the only plug in the bathroom.

First, we had to decide what we wanted to do to the bathroom (which was basically start from scratch).  My daughter fell in love with this bathroom:

It's by IHeart Organizing.  Now, after seeing our bathroom, this one is outstanding!  Well, it was anyways, but I have to say, ours really helps!

Well, tomorrow I'll be posting our first day.  Wish us luck on this one!!!