Monday, October 7, 2013

Bathroom Makeover, Day 9

Today we painted all the trim on all 3 doors, along with the doors, closet doors, and inside of closet.  We also went over any areas that needed to be retouched on walls and painted the ceiling.

 We are almost done!!!  A lot of planning went in to the bathroom before we even started.  We had to decide what we wanted done and how we were going to do it.

Cassie's inspiration came from IHeartOrganizing, so we started with that.  We looked at what she liked about this bathroom and how we would put that into ours.

Cassie found the same shower curtain she used from Home Goods.  That was the beginning...

We made a list of things we needed to do:
  1. Replace the sink and faucet
  2. Replace the toilet;
  3. Remove wallpaper and paint;
  4. Remove linoleum and replace with tile;
  5. Remove baseboard and replace with new ones.
  6. Remove medicine cabinet and add mirror;
  7. Make cabinet doors larger;
  8. Remove swinging door from closet and put a drawer in its place

We decided on things we wanted to add:
  1. Colors - blue and corral;
  2. Shelf above toilet;
  3. Wallpaper under sink;
  4. Make doors for cabinet;
  5. New handles for cabinet and closet;
  6. Shelf for shower side;
  7. Towel hooks;
  8. Organization for closet;
  9. Accessories

After this, we started looking at different places to see what we could find.  We actually found several mirrors before Cassie found the one we all really liked at Garden Ridge.  I bought the light fixture over 6 months ago at Goodwill for $8.00.  It didn't have the glass shades, so I kept a look out at thrift stores and finally found them for $3.00 each.

I was able to find a few things in thrift stores:

I bought all 3 for $10

I fell in love with this and only paid $5.00
Vase was $1.00, cup was $1.00, and jar was $3.00

I bought the shelf for $2.00
I want to hang things on the inside of closet door.  Containers in back were .99 each and the shower rack was $2.99.

The two on the left I bought for .99 each and the bird one was $2.50

Candle and candle holder were bought on clearance.

Here's the rest of what we bought.

We have several of the same thing on some items.  We will have to play around and see what we like best.

Now, I had been looking for 2 months for some kind of shelf to put on the shower side.  I was having no luck, until I ran across one in Goodwill.  I brought it home and I could see what Cassie and Robert were thinking by the looks on their faces.  I paid $20.00 for it and it's going to need major attention.  But, I think when it is done, it is going to look great.  So.........., here it is.  

Well, it looks a lot better in the picture.  I'll have to take more pics to show you why I received those looks.   I know it's going to look good when it's done and they have come around too!

So, this is the things we are planning to put in the bathroom, at least most of it.  I can't wait!