Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bathroom Makeover Day 13 - The Final Steps

We are still busy taking care of the last few details. 

We had to hang up a shelf. (We decided to use the smaller shelf only)

Robert had to make the second door to match the other one, since we couldn't find one.  Then, he had to sand them down and prime them.  The front of the door had to be sanded slightly round on the edges to match.   This cat is not going to be happy that her space is being covered.  She's gotten quite comfortable in here.

Here's what the inside of cabinet looks like, after Cassie painted it and organized it.  The one on the right has two drawers that pull out.  You would have had to see the inside of it before to really appreciate how it looks now!  It doesn't even look like the same cabinet!

Cassie bought two pictures for the bathroom on sale.  The ends of them were starting to fray.  I had to cut off strings and then I applied fabric stiffener to them.  I applied it to the edges and then wiped it with a small brush to cover all the edges.  It dries clear and will keep them from fraying anymore.  Glue that dries clear would have worked just as well.

Now that doors have dried, it's time to hang them up.  Robert used a level to make sure they were even.  Then he screwed in the hinges.  After trying to put the left door on, he realized the trim on the side of the cabinet was in the way, so he had to take that piece off.

He scored the chaulking first with an xacto knife.  Then, he pried it out.

Doors are now hung and ready to be painted.  We are also going to have to fix that trim area up now too.  We are soooo close now!  Hope to have the reveal in the next few hours!!!