Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bathroom Makeover - The Final Day!!!!

So, I'm sure some of you have thought the bathroom would never be done! (So did I).  But, today is the day.  We are working on the doors for the vanity right now and will soon have it together.  I am sooo excited to be able to share this with you.  This bathroom has definitely been thru a makeover!!!

Let's take a journey back to where this all began first.

You can barely see the medicine cabinet above the vanity.  It had a big mirror in the middle and swinging mirrors on each side.  There was two layers of wallpaper and two layers of linoleum.  

 The paint on the doors and trim were all chipping off.   The ceiling was in even worse shape.


 The sink and faucet were old and nasty looking.  The toilet had to be flushed several times.  We found mold in several areas during the demolition.  The doors on the cabinet were too short and it was hard to get into it.

This bathroom was a mess!  I can't even believe how bad it looked now.  It has been quite a journey to get it to where it is now. We started off with removing ALL the wallpaper.  We had to take out all the baseboards first.  We also removed the top part of the vanity doors to open them up more.

 Day 2 was removing ALL the linoleum off the floor and Day 3 was getting all the glue off the floor.

Day 4 we began fixing the ceiling and painting the walls.

Once we had most of the old stuff gone, we were able to start on the floors.  So, Day 5 and Day 6 was laying the tile.  On  Day 7 we grouted the tile and the bathroom was beginning to actually take shape.

Day 8  was a big day!  I spent the WHOLE day scraping and sanding the trim and doors.  It was just flaking off.  I didn't think I was ever going to get finished!!!  On Day 9 I had the great job of painting all the trim and doors.  I have to say, it definitely made a difference!

Day 10 was an exciting day!  We splurged and bought a granite top (that we actually got for a good price.

Day 11 we accomplished a lot.  Robert put the backsplash in and I did all the chaulking.  We also hung up things on the linen closet door for storage.  The bathroom is starting to look brand new!
Day 12 was getting the backsplash grouted and doing touch ups on paint.

We had been hoping to buy the doors for the vanity from  Habitat for $3.00.  We were only able to find one, so Robert is making the door....

I am waiting to have the reveal, once the doors are painted and on.  I really can't wait to show you!!!