Friday, October 4, 2013

Bathroom Makeover - Day 1

Here goes the beginning of our next project.  The first thing to do was to get rid of the baseboard.  Robert used a crowbar and hammer to loosen them up.  We want to make the bathroom doors bigger on the vanity, so he removed the top part.

Next, we had to remove the wallpaper.  I sprayed it with water, let it sit for a minute and then ripped it out.  Wherever the glue didn't come up, I just sprayed it again, and then removed the glue.  This was a job in itself.
Notice that the medicine cabinet is gone!!!

Normally, we would have removed the toilet too, but with 4 people using it in the morning, we are keeping this job for another weekend.

 We started fixing the walls.  They were messed up in areas, after taking down the wallpaper.  We used spackling wherever it was needed.  Spackling the walls is not difficult to do.  You just put it on and wipe it down till it is smooth.  Once it is dry, you sand it down.  In some areas, you might have to go over it several times, before it is all even.

Other side of bathroom.
 Removing the wallpaper wasn't really hard, but just time consuming.  I was so glad to see it go, that I think it made the job easier.