Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bathroom Makeover, Day 8

Day 8, was not my favorite.  I started to sand the trim in the bathroom, so I could repaint them.  But, because of a poor job done by a painter, I ended up having to scrape off the old paint.  It was just falling off anyways.  Apparently, he put a flat paint over a gloss paint. 

You can see all the paint on my arms.  This was an all day job.  Good thing it was Saturday.  I also got out the electric sander and sand the trim and doors.

Here are my big helpers.  They actually thought it was fun... for awhile.

Once we were finally finished with this, I painted the trim and doors (3 of them) with a high gloss paint.  Now that we have done the doors, the rest of them in the hall need to be done!  I can see how things are going to be escalating!