Friday, October 4, 2013

Bathroom Makeover, Day 4

Here we are at day 4. Time for ceiling repair. My dear hubby had to sand down all the flakes and then put spackling in areas where it was needed.  Turned out, the fan on the tub/shower side wasn't even working.  He was able to fix it.

And finally, we put primer on the walls.  We used an oil based primer that had a very strong odor.  Since my granddaughter, Gwen, has cystic fibrosis, we have had to work very hard on controlling dust and keeping her away from paint.  This time it was so bad we all had to leave.  We had the house open and you could smell the paint in the front yard!  It was bad! I haven't mentioned the mold we found in several places, after ripping out the wallpaper.  We bleached those areas and in some areas we had to sand it down.  We felt better using this type of primer, to make sure the walls were sealed good.

After primer was dry, Cassie painted the walls a light grey.

This is Cassie, our daughter

Well, I think this is enough for a weekend!  How many more days will it take, that is the question!!!